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Mare provides sex coaching for individuals and couples. Silvia laments the fact that we don't teach our kids about sex in a healthy way. Whether you're woke AF or a traditionalist evangelical, we have answers to your questions, like: If you enjoyed our GAY episode, please write in to let us know what other "Intro Courses" you want! Answering all the most callous, offensive questions about taboo and simple topics alike. Together, they look at the origin, social pressure and psychology of The Hot Mom.

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Does porn give people permission to do what they see in it?

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Episode 15 - Sex, Love, and the Holidays

They explore why it's so hard for women to come forward when they've been harassed or assaulted and how there's a lot of shame in being a whistleblower. Essentially, we should stop asking questions about masturbation and stop being annoyed to find the casual porn magazine lying under the floor mats of the car. Plus, where does this dream come from, and what can we do to change it? But can making your intentions clear go too far? Silvia opens up about dating in the porn industry.

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do pregnant women masturbate a lot
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do pregnant women masturbate a lot
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