Bait for large mouth bass

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The bullet shaped head on the slider makes it easy to work the rig through vegetation. The good old ball style, is great at getting down quick to fish holding near the bottom. Next, cuckoo 7-series Kut Tail and finally, wacky 9J Senko. One of the biggest drawbacks to spinning tackle is line twist, and dropshot fishing is one of the worst techniques for line twist. The Standup Jighead is ideal for targeting fish on the bottom. Especially in the dead of winter, you may need to find a way to be able to present a bait directly in front of shut-down, lethargic bass sitting on bottom, cold as heck, in near-freezing water — the coldest water the bass will ever face in the season, or even in its lifetime. Fiska dragCrankbait den Largemouth basen bas- fiskedrag Man Bass Fishing skisserat fiska drag grund crankbaitdykning Largemouth bas Largemouth Bass Fishing Largemouth bas för trofé Largemouth bas, svart prickig klumpfisk och vårgrotta.

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Most of my dropshotting situations are going to be in relatively open, snag-free water.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Crankbait Lure

Even on a smooth sand bottom, there are ripples for the sinker to bog behind, jump free of, and mini-slopes to roll down. Fishing them is as easy as casting and retrieving, and they can even be trolled. Paired with quality electronics ballheads are great for vertical presentations. A specialized short shank hook has become one of the hook styles used to dropshot and every hook vendor makes such a hook model. The Spinner prop jighead is much more of an east coast bait and can add flash to swimming jigs.

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bait for large mouth bass


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